Robert V. Kilroy

Robert V. Kilroy is a retired electrician and former college football player born in the Frankford area. He comes from a long line of trolls that live under bridges. A true character, Kilroy has turned unpleasant fact delivery into high art.

Paradox Pollack

Paradox Pollack is best known as an actor, but that’s selling him short. He’s a jack of all trades, a daring multi-disciplinary artist with experience in all areas of performance. And now, Pollack is writing mind-expanding fiction. His work confronts life, death, and infinity. He’s the world’s most interesting man living in Bali, Indonesia. Check him […]

Matt Bitonti

Matt Bitonti is a Philadelphia-based writer and founder of Frankford Publishing.

Jackrabbit Pollack

Jackrabbit is an activist and technology dude living in the cloud. He keeps his identity private. But despite his digital shroud, JR is firmly based in reality. His is the most authentic, emotionally pure prose of the group.  

Bill St. Brown

Bill St. Brown is a legend. The man has a lifetime of hard-earned knowledge, sports and otherwise. A linebacker and defensive back who once had a free agent tryout for the 1963 Denver Broncos, St. Brown played for the semi-pro Portland Sea Hawks, then joined the Army. Upon his return, he became a fixture of […]

Bertram Mantecowiecz

Bertram Mantecowiecz is the writer which we know the least about. No one’s ever met the dude. There’s this abandoned mailbox in Frankford. These pages show up every few weeks. The pages have these perforated holes on the side from a dot-matrix printer. Even though we have no idea who is writing these words, we […]